Creative Learning Support Methods Mary Tsotsis


Published: July 17th 2015

Kindle Edition

67 pages


Creative Learning Support Methods  by  Mary Tsotsis

Creative Learning Support Methods by Mary Tsotsis
July 17th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 67 pages | ISBN: | 4.19 Mb

Welcome! to a practical guide with illustrated examples of lessons, on line resources and methods for the development of creative skills for “all” students. Creativity skills are the most important skills for success in the 21st century.

Traditional education is primarily based on teaching analytical skills, although numerous cognitive scientists and neuroscientists at Stanford University believe that the part of the brain responsible for creativity shuts down when analytical tasks are performed. In 1989, I started teaching through creative activities as a teacher at a Graphic Arts academy, integrating Science and Math with the career of Graphic Arts. As I continued teaching, I always involved creativity in my lessons to motivate “all” students to learn and be successful in my classes.Based on my personal experience and research and our knowledge about creativity, I developed methods for teaching 6 creative skills (Design, Communication, Synthesis, Empathy, Play and Inspiration) in the subjects of Science, Math, Humanities, Languages, the Arts, Technology and Physical Education.

Following the guidelines and examples presented in this book, creativity could be taught in all subjects, grades and learning styles, in all classrooms and cultures along with National and International curriculum requirements.“Creative Learning Support Methods” is an invaluable guide, with the goal to support teachers to organize their curriculum around creativity and improve creative skills education for “all” students.

Traditional education revolves around teaching analytical skills that are valuable but no longer sufficient to promote economic growth. Individuals need to be creative in order to push our science, technology and art forward and succeed in the world today.

It is important to follow the universal understanding that educational systems need to infuse creative learning methodologies in the curriculum in order to prepare successful citizens.Furthermore, most classrooms are challenged to develop inclusive methods of teaching for the education of students with learning difficulties. Creativity is a great motivational tool for “all” students to learn, especially students with “learning support” needs.

All learners get involved in the teaching process, when they are asked to be “creators”.If you want your students to develop creative skills, if you are developing curriculum and looking for innovative ideas for lessons, if you are a classroom teacher challenged to develop “inclusive” lesson plans, this book will allow you to start effectively involving creativity in any subject.

You will find illustrated examples of lessons that teach content and/or skills in different subjects, planned to also teach creative skills. In one of the examples, in Science, when the students are learning about the digestive system, they can do the following project that allows the development of the creativity skill of Synthesis (Synthesis is the skill to see the relationships and patterns between different fields and invent something new or come up with new ideas):Project: The students are asked to do research on the digestive system of their favorite animal, find ways to improve it and show the improvements with a drawing, which they will present in class…More resourceful ideas for activities, illustrated examples of lessons, assessment and on line resources, in each of the main subjects of a traditional curriculum that also help the students to develop creativity skills are included in this book.“Creative Learning Support Methods” will inspire you to teach creatively and allow you to transform your students to creative individuals, instead of stifling their creativity by only doing analytical tasks

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